Foundations of Arm Balancing Workshop

with Taylor Workshop: Oct 24th , 2020 Time: 12:00 PM – 2:00 PMCost: $38 per person  Learn the foundations of balancing on your hands! In this 2 hour workshop, Taylor will properly break down how to do a Chaturanga which is the foundation to almost every arm balance. We will also work on getting into a few arm balances including … Read More

How to Chill Out with Food presented by Lauren of The Simplest Self

Learn how what you’ve been through informs what you’re going through. Workshop: Oct 23rd, 2020 Duration: 6pm – 8pmCost: $68 10 people in person Lauren is a body empowerment coach who teaches intuitive eating and movement, a trauma-informed yoga instructor, and a huge advocate of self-acceptance. She’ll help you walk away from body shame, and love the skin you’re in. … Read More

Light & Vibrational Alignment

Light & Vibrational Alignment September 26 – 7:45 PM to 9:15 PM Light & Vibrational Alignment with Tracy Experience the benefits of vibrational alignment, with mood-altering lights, crystal and brass singing bowls, frequencies, and tones to help heal the body and mind from within.Tracy here to present to you this peaceful workshop that will bring your spine and vibration into alignment … Read More