Self Love Story

This Feb 16th we are celebrating our “Weekend of Love” with our 2nd-weekend event workshop: Self-Love StoryYoga & Hypnotherapy Workshop with Christine Turley4:30 pm to 6:30 pm This workshop will be an incredible journey back to LOVE.
We will enjoy a loving group introduction to open the class, move into some heart opening Yoga and then go deep into meditation and hypnotherapy, finishing off with ‘LOVE CAPSULES’.

By going into our subconscious and using suggestions, we will change our perspective of how we see ourselves, so we are able to love in an entirely new way; with empathy, deep compassion and understanding.

This workshop encourages a softer, more gentle approach to love, without limitations or expectations. Where we can be loved exactly as we are, for who we are.

The most incredible Love Story there is, is your own.Cost: $45 per person
Space is limited

Book now online:

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