Welcome to LotusPedal yoga + spin!

Welcome to LotusPedal yoga + spin!

We are a purpose-built yoga + spin studio.
We have three studios rooms under one roof. Studio 1 is our Infrared Heated Yoga and Stretch room.  Studio 2 is our nonheated high ceiling spectacular Yoga room. Studio 3 is our state of the art Spin Room using the most modern Soundoff Headset technology to complement each ride.
New to the Summerfield Community, our classes are suitable for all fitness/ yoga levels.

Reopening LotusPedal post Covid-19 Closure:

Things are going to look a little different for awhile as we work our way through this time but we are confident in our community and this beautiful space.

We have had to make some temporary changes to the way the studio flows, the amount of people in the space and what we have available for your practice. We thank you so much ahead of time for your understanding and love. The health of our teachers, students, and staff and greater community is our most important priority and this will ensure we can open while drastically minimizing any potential spread of COVID – 19.

There will be 12 people plus a yoga teacher allowed in for each class in Studio 1, 10 people plus a yoga teacher in Studio 2 and 12 people plus a spin teacher in Spin studio 3.

The change rooms and showers will be temporarily closed. Our handicap washroom will be open for emergency use only.

There will be no cloth covered props, towels, or studio mats for use at this time. We will have the use of other props that have been approved by BC Health & Work Safe which can be properly sanitized between classes. These include props include: the hard black blocks, the soft foam knee cushions and blue pilates balls in both yoga studios.

Headsets in the spin room have been approved by BC Health & Work Safe for spin studio student use. We will keep in line with all our cleaning standards, using medical grade disinfectant cleaners on the headsets in between each class to maintain our thorough cleaning standards.

Mat spaces are clearly defined in both yoga studio rooms so we can all practice with peace of mind 2M apart.

Please minimize what personal belongings come with you to the studio. All belongings will be required to be left in the designated cubby areas in yoga studios or left in your vehicle. Bring only what you need into the studio please.

Entrance and exit of the studio will be organized in order to keep with social distancing guidelines. During this time only one door will be open for use. Please follow floor markers as to know where to Q up.

Monthly and Annual Memberships.

We recognize that with society slowly reopening there will be a wide variety of responses and subsequent decisions. We want everyone to feel supported.

All previous memberships will still be coming off of hold on May 29th 2020 to allow members time to book into the following week of classes. The studio opens June 2nd. Please pre book all classes as class sizes have been reduced.

All other class packages & memberships will remain the same.

Thank you so very much for your understanding and support during this time!

All passes are available online for purchase. Please contact Tara@lotuspedal.ca for more information. No cash will be accepted at the studio.

Limited spaces require a new approach to online sign in. Thank you for understanding and respecting everyone’s time and space.

The limited capacity also has required a change in our reservation system to make it a little easier for you to ensure that you have a spot in class.

All spots will be open for online registration 14 days before the start of class. Yippee!

There will be wait lists activated online for each class so no need to wait outside the studio. You will receive an email or text if you have been added into a class.

If you cannot make your class please be sure to cancel your class three hours prior to the class so that people on the waitlist can get into the class. Please note that any late cancelations will result in a $15 late cancel fee.

Thank you so much for your understanding.

We cannot wait to see you in the studio!